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Silver Spring, MD 20910
For over 35 years, I have lived and worked right here in the DC and Maryland community. I take great pride in fighting for my clients, taking on tough and challenging cases, and winning. I am your partner all the way through and I am committed to listening and acting on your behalf. To learn more about how I can help, please look through the web site and don't hesitate to call me personally, because to me, being your lawyer is personal.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury | Accidents | Automobile
Whether it is a construction accident case or an auto accident, you want results and a lawyer who is not afraid to fight the insurance company in court. Learn more...

Criminal Defense
Being arrested or charged with a crime can be scary, but you shouldn't be frightened. You may have more options than you realize. Learn more...

Divorce | Custody | Family Law
There is a time to compromise and there is a time to fight. A good lawyer will help you choose the right path. Learn more...